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Welcome to The Empowered Virtual Assistant Resource Hub!

I've created this resource hub to help my fellow Virtual Assistants {that's YOU!} create a VA business and life you truly love!

When you access the free resource hub, you'll get immediate access to the following:

  • The Profitable VA Workbook

    • With this free workbook, you'll brainstorm ways to not only *keep* more money in your VA business, but discover new ways you can add additional income to your business too.

  • 6 Tools Every VA Should Be Using

    • Discover my favorite tools for accepting payment, managing social media, and managing my client work load plus learn *why* these tools have been essential to my success as a Virtual Assistant for the past 10+ years.

  • The Empowered VA Series

    • Access to 7 days of inspiration and implementation to uplevel your virtual assistance business.   This series is delivered each day to your inbox - no additional sign up needed.

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Build Your VIP Implementation Day Package for Virtual Assistants

Want to make more money as a Virtual Assistant without taking on more long-term clients? ​​

Get ready to learn how to add an additional income stream to your business...


➡ You don't want to work 50+ hours per week or burn the midnight oil in order to make a lot of money in your business... 

➡ You want to pick and choose when to work more hours in your VA business so you don't have to sacrifice your personal life... 

➡ You're tired of turning away entrepreneurs willing to pay you for temporary project support when you could really use the money because you only work with clients in a long term capacity...

If any of this describes you, I'm happy to introduce you to the Build Your VIP Implementation Day Package for Virtual Assistants! Are you a Virtual Assistant who wants to make more money in your VA business?

As a Virtual Assistant for the past 10+ years, I've always enjoyed working in long term collaborative partnerships with my clients.  But in 2017 I found myself wanting to make more money in my business without taking on new long term clients... 

So I started offering VIP Implementation Days, which is when a client receives 1 Day of VA Support {8 full hours of my time} where I spend my time focused only on completing their tasks or project so we can knock out their mile-long to do list.  After the VIP Day, they either become a long-term client or just purchase future VIP days as needed.


VIP Implementation Days make a great income stream for a few reasons...

They are a quick cash injection into your business {Need to buy a new computer? Offer a few VIP Days for the month and pay for the computer straight out of pocket!}

They introduce your work to people who might not be ready for long term partnerships with a VA {Once someone has had a great VIP experience with you, they are more likely to return to you for a long term partnership}.

You get to decide how much and how often you'd like to offer VIP Implementation Days! {And it's super easy to manage client expectations!}


To help you add your own additional income stream to your VA business, I've put together an in-depth package that will give you everything you need to sell your own VIP Implementation Days!

The VIP Implementation Day Package includes...

Ready to use website copy to create your VIP Implementation Day sales page (you can be up and running in very little time since all the copy is ready for you!


Ready to use social media posts (for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!) including 3 social media graphics


Confirmation Email for Sending Clients Once they purchase a VIP Day {you can easily customize this email to put your personality into the offering}!


Client intake packet so you have everything you need from the client before the VIP day and can jump straight into work the day of!


How to Price your VIP Day Guide (so that you aren't undercharging and are making the extra money you want!)


How to Market Your VIP Implementation Days Guide (Includes 15+ different ways to market your VIP Implementation Days)


How to Run the Day Guide (so you know exactly what to do and when to do it to create an amazing day for your client!)


Follow up email series (includes testimonial request and how to sell additional VIP Days or bring on as a retainer client!)



Ready to say YES to making more money in your Virtual Assistance business on your own terms?

Sign up below for the Build Your VIP Implementation Day Package!

One-time payment of $197

or two monthly payments of $98.50


Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are offered.

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